How to build strong Biceps in 15 days only


Biceps muscles are a part of body situated between shoulder and elbow, I will tell you tricks and real techniques that how to build strong biceps in just few days. All weight to carry mostly biceps is helpful part of body, first day of ZYM workout always excited to ZYMMER  because first time he full of excitement and craze to do amazing, he takes overload  more his capacity next body pain occurs now his confidence down and don’t try again to visit ZYM.

Biceps workout stepwise

Way of workout in ZYM

  • First set do with light weight, in second set increase the medium weight and at last increase the weight up to your capacity.

Which points to be remember?

  • When you entered to ZYM, think which exercise you have to do and first warm up your body at least 15 minutes continue with takes rest of minimum 10 seconds. Because if you do continue it more effective and main point to remember always takes drinks water after of every exercise.
  • Carry your glucose water bottle.
  • What are exercises included in Warm up?
  • Three sets of 15 wrap do pushups continue.
  • Rope jumping exercise at least 80 times.
  • Running on machine, if you already coming from running outside to ZYM then do other light weight exercise.
  • Try to calm.
  • First exercise: 15 wraps standing barbell curls exercise at least 3 sets.
  • biceps workout
  • Second exercise: Same preacher curls continue after doing first exercise with break of 1 minute.
  • preacher-curls-exercise workout
  • Third exercise: One arm dumbbell all exercise do at interval of time.
  • Fourth exercise: double hand dumbbell stretches together with both hands.
  • Fifth exercise: Incline Dumbbells curls, every exercise do carefully.
  • Sixth exercise: Cable extensions.
  • Biceps best workout


These all exercises which I tell are very important always keep in mind Drinks water at every exercise- it is necessary because when you workout water passes through come outside in the form of sweats.